Pool Hours

10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Pool Rules

1.       This pool is for Plantation at Dorsett Shoals homeowners and their guests (max. 2 guests per household).

2.       Children under 14 are not allowed on pool property without adult supervision. (16 OR OLDER)

3.       Unattended solo swimming is prohibited.

4.       No running or rough play allowed.

5.       No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed to use the pool.

6.       No spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose or otherwise discharging of bodily fluids are allowed.

7.       Persons with transmittable diseases are not allowed in pool area.

8.       No animals or pets are allowed in pool area.

9.       No glass is allowed in pool area.

10.   Proper swim attire must be worn in water. No cut-offs or street clothes are allowed.

11.   No swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder and lightning can be heard and seen.

12.   No food, drinks or trash permitted within (5) five feet of the pool.

13.   Be respectful of others. No foul language, loud music, etc.

14.   No entering of pool area when pool is closed. Violators will be prosecuted!

15.   No playing with the pool equipment or lifesaving devices.

16.   Children not yet potty trained must wear swim diapers.

17.   Wheeled vehicles used for recreation may not be ridden in the pool area (bicycles, rollerblades, etc.).

18.   Your pool privileges can be revoked if rules are not followed.

19.   Dispose of all trash into provided trashcans before leaving the pool area.

20.   These rules can be modified by the HOA at any time and a revised copy will be posted on the web-site.

Warning! No Lifeguard on duty! Swim at your own risk!

All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The Plantation at Dorsett Shoals Home Owners Association assume no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use, or for any loss or damage to personal property. Persons using the pool agree not to hold The Plantation at Dorsett Shoals Home Owners Association liable for any accidents of whatever nature occurring within the pool area. Residents will be responsible for the actions of their children and guests.





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